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born: 1988 in Zürich
age of play: 25 - 35 years
nationality: Swiss / Brazilian
languages: Swiss-German (fluent), Brazil. Portuguese (fluent), German (fluent), English (advanced), French (Mittel)
hair colour: black
eye colour: brown
type of Body: full-bodied
height: 1, 65 cm / 5.4 feet
residence: Zurich (Switzerland)
Speaker: Yes
Phone: +41 079 569 13 85
Email: dasilvagabriel89@yahoo.de
accomodation options: Stuttgart, Berlin, München, Schwarzwald, Basel, Bern, Geneve, Aarau, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, New York, Los Angeles.
skills: fitness, jogging, meditation, well in relaxation massages.
driving licence: no

2019 - 2020 correspondence course "Scriptwriter for Film & TV" in germany
2012 - 2013 ZES Acting school (Film) in Zürich
2013 - Acting (Improvisation) Workshop by Caroline Wloka
2009 - 2012 Acting School Vera Forster (Theatre) in Zürich
2011 - 2012 Workshops in Method Acting by Herbert Fischer, Munich
2010 / 2011 / 2012 Casting Workshop by Corinna Glaus
2012 / 2013 Camera Acting by Marco Hausamann Gilardi
2009 /2012 Camera Acting by Ursula Maria Schmitz, Zürich

2020: Milas Diary (short) director: Gabriel da Silva, supporting role: Milas father 
2019: I hate Castings (short) director: Gabriel da Silva, supporting role: Mario
2018: Lovely Money (short) director: Gabriel da Silva, supporting role: Passant
2017: Fremd (short) director: Carla Marfurt, supporting role: Amadeus
2016-2022: Der lautlose Schrei (The silent Scream) (feature) director: Gabriel da Silva, mainrole: Felix Zihlmann
2016: The Beginning of Josephine (feature) directior Michael Wettstein, supporting role Joe Vitti
2016: Red Snow (short) directior: Luca Studer, supporting role: Dave
2015: Die wundersame Wandlung (short) directior: Joachim Zwick, mainrole: Baldur Hüppi
2014: Durch die Nacht (through the night) feature film, directior: Andreas Elsener, supporting role: Procurer
2014: Der Morgenstern (short film) directior: Adrian Asslani, mainrole: Jack
2013: Feuerregen - Rain on Fire short, directior: Benjamin Bürgisser, mainrole: Joel
2013: One Holllywood Classic (film-festival movie), directior: Joachim Zwick, mainrole: Don Vito Corleone
2013: Niemandskind (short) director: Mike Pennella, supporting role: Constantin
2013: The Argovia disaster Movie (silent film) directior: Joachim Zwick, supportingrole: Director
2013: The courier (short film) directior: Beat Krapf, role: supporting Courier
2013: Musique en route (music video) directior: Carole Jones, supporting role: Bad Zocker
2013: False worlds (short ZHDK) directior: Christina Welter, supporting role: Director
2013: False worlds (short film), directior Peter Balicki, main role: Paul
2012: False worlds (short film ZHDK) directior Chanelle Eidenbenz, supporting role: Thomas
2012: Paradise in my Mind (film) directior Mark Bamidele, role: Boss Antonio Lombardi
2012: Joe (short film ZHDK) directior Max Wuchner,supporting role: Magician
2012: THE BESTATTER (TV-series) directior Markus Fischer, supporting role:
young Paul Odermatt
2012: Une Rencontre explosive (short film ZHdK) directior Arezoo Rajabi, role Pedro
2012: The Beginning (short film) directior Lydia Kaori, role: Nico
2011: Voices seeing (short film ZHDK) directior Lukas Fuchs, role Silvio
2011: Dead Fucking load (film), directior Walter Feistle, role Assistant of the boss
2011: Heavy Luggage (short film), directior Raphael Willi, role of hotel page
2011: Undead apocalypse (short film) directior Lars Epting, role Dominik Steiner
2010: Kuplr Cupid (short film) directior Bruno Müller, role of CUPID
2010: Le Nouveau (short film ZHDK) directior Elias Dellers, role Manuel Dupont
2010: Proud 2 Be (music video) directior Pascal Wasinger, role Nerd
2010: Zitrus (short film ZHDK) directior Fabienne Gafner, role Bruno
2009: Paradise (short film) directior Andy Sommer, role Chris Allemann

2015: Hospital Triemli Zurich, Imagefilm, role: Carer
2014: KOCH Optik, Promotion, role: Charlie Chaplin
2014: WWF Online Spot, Direction: Alex Barth, role: customer
2013: SBB CFF FFS (Fotoshooting) Direction Roger Neuburger, role: visitant
2013: PRO TIER switzerland (TV / CINEMA SPOT) Direction Alexander Felix, role of fur carrier
2013: STADT ZÜRICH - Help in emergency case Direction Noemi Preiswerk, role Andri Garcia
2012: CREDIT SUISSE (TV advertisement) direction Marc Schippert, role of customer
2012: Open land KAG meat MIGROS (TV advertisement) direction Anet Nyffeler, role of friends
2012: Youth support film festival (trailer) direction Gregor Frei, role of nervous youngsters
2010: MICROSOFT (TV advertisement) Direction Valentina Carosio Rolle, Pablo
2010: Shoes LEMO (TV advertisement) direction: Marco Mäder, role courier

2012: Ragu, direction Vera Widmer, role Paul Bellucci
2011: The deathmaker, direction, Vera Widmer, role Fritz Haarmann
2011: The wave, direction, Vera Widmer, role oTim Berger
2010: Analyze this, direction Vera Widmer, role Dr. Sobel
2003: The last dinner, direction, Ruth Dell, role Hotel Director

2013: CHUNA AG, Nutty, animated cartoon, role Narrator in brazilian Portuguese

2013: Best Argovia Short Film One Minute Film Festival Aarau 2013 ( Actor)
2015: Audience Award International One Minute Film Festival Aarau 2015 (Idea, Script, Actor)
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